URDC is pleased to add Mishkan Shalom as its newest congregation member!  Mishkan Shalom (www.mishkan.org) is located in Roxbouough at 4101 Freeland Ave. It is a Reconstructionist synagogue that worked extensively with URDC in 2016 through the Interfaith Community Building Group (ICBG), composed of members from Mishkan Shalom, URDC member St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church, and other communities.

ICBG has worked collaboratively with organizations in under-resourced communities on their construction projects. It has helped build or re-build a burned African-American church in Mississippi; a community center, church, houses and latrines in El Salvador (through RIC and USESSC); a post-Katrina church in New Orleans; and post-Sandy church buildings in Rockaway Park, NY. In July 2016, ICBG worked on a week long project with URDC to assist a number of senior and low-income homeowners in Germantown and Mt. Airy with home repairs. That work led them to explore a greater partnership through Mishkan Shalom with URDC, which culminated in the synagogue joining the URDC organization. Mr. Lance Laver and Mr. Steve Perkiss will represent Mishkan Shalom on URDC’s Board of Directors.

Mishkan Shalom is dedicated to repair the world through prayer, study and acts of caring. Its membership in URDC is a tangible sign of living out its mission.