URDC Board member Charles McGlaughlin has a unique fundraising tool: he makes sausage!

Charlie is a member of URDC member Germantown Mennonite Church and renowned for his sausage. For years he has been making his links from scratch for friends and family using his secret recipe and has a reputation for making some of the best sausage in Philadelphia.

This year, Charlie decided to put his sausage making talents to good use: he began selling his sausage and donating the proceeds to URDC. In a little over a month, Charlie raised $500 from sales of his sausages. His generosity will help two senior homeowners living on Lambert St. and Bloyd St. in Germantown. The attached picture shows Charlie presenting his check to URDC Board member Beverly Lucas (from First United Methodist Church of Germantown).

Interested is trying some of Charlie’s famous sausage? Send an email to URDC through our website and he will contact you.