About Us

The Urban Resources Development Corporation (URDC) is a northwest Philadelphia-based 501c(3) non-profit, interfaith organization working to stabilize housing and communities in Germantown, Mt. Airy and East/West Oak Lane through rehabilitation of homes for seniors and low-income people.

The organization is managed by twelve faith communities in northwest Philadelphia and uses no public funding for its efforts.

URDC has helped hundreds of families in Germantown and its surrounding communities through two programs:

  1. Renovating abandoned or dilapidated homes for eventual sale to first-time homebuyers through URDC’s Housing Rehabilitation Program;
  2. Assisting senior and low-income homeowners with exterior home repairs via URDC’s Owner Occupied Repair Program;

Look through our site and see how URDC helps build a better Germantown….one house at a time. And see how your help can make a difference in your community.

“I had given up hope that something could be done to fix my house.  Thank you very much for your help repairing my roof and the work of the church for fixing up the bedroom and hallway.“

– Ms. Marva Parker of Germantown

“I must have made over 12 different calls to agencies all over Philadelphia and was turned down…I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me….The job was done perfect, nice, and very well done!”

– Mr. Andrew Mitchell of East Falls

“Your organization along with Habitat for Humanity were able to step in & fix a host of things that were getting increasingly worse.  My daughter and I are truly grateful and forever appreciative!”

– Ms. Michelle Cost of Germantown