URDC was blessed this holiday season with a large donation of sheets, pillowcases, and towels from Thomaston Mills in Jenkintown, PA. The company makes bedding and towel products for hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, and resorts with a focus on socially and ecologically responsible production.

A Thomomason employee volunteered at three URDC days and wanted to further help URDC’s families with a donation of Thomaston products. What an amazing gift when URDC received 38 boxes of over 700 sheets, 550 pillowcases, and 40 towels in various colors and sizes!

Besides providing linens to its client families, URDC distributed some of Thomaston’s donation to a number of Germantown community organizations that work with URDC congregations:


Project Home

Canaan Family Life Center

Dignity Housing Germantown

Interfaith Hospitality Network

Support Center for Child Advocates

Donated Thomaston Mill sheets and pillowcases being delivered by URDC to Face-To-Face Germantown.

Thank you Thomason Mills for your generosity to the Germantown community!