Frequently Asked Questions

What is Urban Resources Development Corporation?
URDC is 501c (3) non-profit housing organization committed to stabilizing communities in Germantown through home repair and rehabilitation. The organization is managed by 12 faith communities in northwest Philadelphia and uses no public funding for its efforts.

How is URDC different from other housing organizations?
URDC’s housing efforts are highly effective because it utilizes the unique social capital of its member congregations, which helps identify needy homeowners in a safe and dignified manner, offers extensive volunteer and financial resources, provides reliable contractors, and has deep roots in the community. Public housing organizations often do not have these special resources at their disposal.

How is URDC different from Habitat for Humanity?
URDC and Habitat work together and share similar goals. The biggest difference between the two organizations is that URDC employs contractors to do much of the renovation while Habitat uses volunteers.  URDC does use volunteers but usually on smaller interior projects.

How many houses has URDC renovated or repaired?
URDC has renovated over 30 houses in the Germantown, Mount Airy, and East Oak Lane neighborhoods of Philadelphia and has assisted over 300 low income and elder homeowners with exterior house repairs. The organization has a waiting list of homeowners in need and identified a number of abandoned houses for rehab.

Are there other faith communities involved in the work besides those that are on the board?
Yes, there are several who send volunteer crews to do work.

Is URDC looking for other faith communities to be involved?
Yes, URDC is always looking for other faith communities to join us either as members of the Board of Directors, referral sources for families in need of our services, or volunteer work crews.