Words from those we have assisted.

“We are extremely grateful for the mission and the work that URDC has done and is doing in the Germantown/Mt. Airy sections of the city.  We are the family of James Walter Benton Sr., a resident in the 6200 block of Baynton Street for 60 years. URDC assisted him with a number of repairs.”

“In his passing, we ask our friends and family to bless URDC with a donation in lieu of flowers on behalf of our father/grandfather. He cared not only for the health of the families in our community; but for the community itself.  He was a hard-working handyman with integrity, tenacity, love, and humor.  He entreated and engaged in conversation with passersby, while working on “everyone’s” lawn. He will be greatly missed.  Thank you URDC for “picking up the hammer”, in his stead!”

From the family of the late, great James Walter Benton Sr.

“I felt this was truly a blessing for me.  The work needed in my home was done in a professional and timely manner.  Please keep up the good work along with understanding of seniors’ needs.”

– Ms. Ernestine Elfy, Germantown

“I must have made over 12 different calls to agencies all over Philadelphia and was turned down…I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me….The job was done perfect, nice, and very well done!”

 – Mr. Andrew Mitchell, East Falls

“Your organization along with Habitat for Humanity were able to step in & fix a host of things that were getting increasingly worse.  My daughter and I are truly grateful and forever appreciative!”

– Ms. Michelle Cost, Germantown

“Thank you so much for helping in getting us a new roof.  We really appreciate it.”

–  Ms. Mary Williams, Germantown

“I wish to express my deep appreciation and sincere appreciation to Urban Resources Development Corporation for helping me get the needed repairs done on my house and keeping it from deteriorating.”

–  Ms. Eliza Jones of Germantown

Ms. McIntosh

“URDC has helped people like me who have suffered hardship in their lives and need a helping hand.  I did when I needed a new roof for my home.  I thank God for such a special gift.”
–  Ms. Yvonne McIntosh of Germantown

“I want to express my deep and sincere appreciation to Urban Resources for your kind help with the repairs I needed on my house.  Urban Resources has helped me very much to make it.  All of the workers and their companies that helped me were so very kind and helpful.  They all did a fine job.  Keep fighting for us.  We need you so much.“

– Mrs. Margie Barefield, Germantown

“I had given up hope that something could be done to fix my house.  Thank you very much for your help repairing my roof and the work of the church for fixing up the bedroom and hallway.“

– Ms. Marva Parker, Germantown

“Thanks for your help in fixing my house up. I can’t tell you how much you are appreciated. My house looks real nice. Sorry I took so long to let you know how grateful I am for the help you have given me. God bless all of you and many thanks again.“

– Ms. Rita Gonsalves, Germantown

“Our house needed a new roof, our house needed plumbing, painting, and the structure was collapsing. Without URDC, I would have had to walk away from the house. URDC saved my life.”

Mr. And Mrs. Chalmers, Germantown

“Thank you so much for the help in getting us a new roof. We really appreciate it“

Beth and Ruth Sutter, Germantown

“Just want to thank you to all involved in the URDC repair and improvements to our home. Even though we suffered a personal loss of a family member during this time, it was a welcomed reminder of the kindness and goodness of people just because. Your workers were punctual, polite and persistent in getting the job done. We can’t thank you enough for the value we benefitted from the program and the difference it has made to the interior of our home.”

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett, Mt. Airy

“I can appreciate the work that URDC is doing in the neighborhood and plan to use your services again.  Your workers are a pleasure to work with; they kept me informed during the entire process, as a matter of fact; he went above and beyond to help me.  Keep up the work you are doing in the community. “

Ella Herbin

“URDC did a lot of fixing up around my house with problems that I didn’t have the income to deal with. And I am very grateful for that. I plan on living here for as long as I can live here on my own.”

Ms. Wooton, Germantown

“Your roofing contractors came to my house last Friday and repaired my roof. I am so thankful and grateful to URDC and the work you do in the community to assist seniors in their homes. It is truly amazing! I don’t even have the words to express how much help and relief your organization brings to the senior community as a whole. Thank you URDC!”

Ms. V. Johnson, Olney