URDC At Morris Arboretum

Plan a visit to Morris Arboretum this month!

URDC and the East Falls Presbyterian Church Youth Group teamed up to design “Fairy Tale Scarecrows” at Morris Arboretum. The scarecrows are part of the Arboretum’s Scarecrow Walk fundraiser event with more than 50 scarecrows on display throughout the park.

The URDC team’s theme was the fairy tale Three Little Pigs (in keeping with URDC’s housing program). The Youth Group did such a good job that the Arboretum featured them on their website publicizing the event.


Scarecrow Walk and URDC’s team Three Little Pig scarecrows will be at Morris Arboretum until November 1. Many thanks to the East Falls Presbyterian Church Youth Group for keeping URDC in front of the community!