URDC Partners with the Philadelphia Public Schools Retired Employees Association

URDC is pleased to announce a partnership with The Philadelphia Public Schools Retired Employees Association (PPSREA) to help pay for home repairs for PPSREA members in northwest Philadelphia.

PPSREA seeks to promote “a general feeling of convenience and satisfaction among all retired school employees within the school district of Philadelphia.” They have more than 5,000 members that come from all departments and service levels of the city school district. See their website at https://www.ppsrea.org/

PPSREA’s services include caregiver relief, in-home appliances (e.g., shower chair, wheelchair, etc.), medical aides, occupational/physical therapy, and home repairs. URDC and PPSREA will work together to help pay for home repairs for PPSREA members in need in northwest Philadelphia.



A recent example of the URDC and PPSREA partnership is a roof repair for Ms. Gladys, a 98-year-old retired Philadelphia schoolteacher living in her Germantown home. Ms. Gladys could not afford a $3,500 roof repair and had been waiting over two years for relief when she learned about PPSREA, who then contacted State Representative Kinsey to see if anyone would work with PPSREA on funding Ms. Roux’s roof work. Rep Kinsey contacted URDC who agreed to pay for $1,000 of the repair with PPSREA funding the remainder.


Any member of PPSREA in northwest Philadelphia that needs home repair assistance is invited to contact PPSREA with their request. PPSREA will work with URDC to determine the best way to help finance the repair. For more information about the joint URDC/PPSREA program, contact Bonnie Uditsky of PPSREA at (610) 755-1262 at [email protected].